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Praxair Specialty Gases

Praxair, Inc.

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As the largest industrial gases company in North and South America, Praxair supports the biopharma lifecycle from discovery through scale-up to production with applications such as fermentation, cell and tissue culture, cryopreservation, lyophilization, oxidation, reactor cooling, wastewater treatment, VOC recovery, laboratory instrumentation and more.

Praxair operates a large research and development center focused on technologies that improve efficiency, quality and reproducibility for a wide range of biopharma applications.

Locally, Praxair operates a 44,000 square foot packaged gas production facility in Tacoma which opened in 2006 and a bulk atmospheric gases production plant in Fife, Washington which expanded production in 2007, adding 310 tons per day of liquid production capacity.

Member Benefits:

  • Free lab survey to identify opportunities to consolidate supply modes, evaluate current gas distribution systems and offer expertise for optimizing gas supply to your labs.
  • Consulting services for design and engineering of gas supply systems for new construction.
  • Value-added products and services (partial listing):
       - Cryobiological Equipment: IATA Vapor Shippers, Freezers, Racking Systems, Control Rate Freezers
       - Cryogenic Liquids and Vacuum-Jacketed Pipe Delivery Systems
       - Dry Ice
       - FDA or EP / JP-Compliant Cylinder and Microbulk Gases and Cryogenic Liquids
       - Gas and Liquid Cylinder Gas Distribution Manifolds
       - Gas Monitoring and Detection Systems
       - General Purpose and Ultra-High Purity Regulators
       - Instrumentation and Specialty Gases
       - Cryogens and Services for MRI/NMR Equipment
       - Personal Safety Equipment
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  • Cryogenic Storage Solutions flyer
  • Praxair Summer Promotion flyer

Take advantage of Praxair’s free lab survey.  For a consulting services request, contact Praxair at 1-877-PRAXAIR (1-877-772-9247) or email specialtygases@praxair.com.  For additional information about Praxair's products and services visit www.praxair.com/biopharma, or for immediate service contact Dan Mackenstadt, dan_mackenstadt@praxair.com, at 206-255-0467.  

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