“From the Laboratory to Leadership” Training Course
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WBBA partners with The Leadership Edge to offer “From the Laboratory to Leadership"

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"As a result of taking this course, I've been able to identify my High Payoff Activities and delegate those tasks that are less productive for me, thus freeing my time up for more demanding and complex projects.  Listening and obtaining feedback from employees have helped with team morale." ~ Production and Manufacturing Lead, NanoString Technologies

Your science is on the cutting edge. Are your people?

For over 23 years, The Leadership Edge has provided training and consulting services almost exclusively to life sciences and technology companies. So we see the world from your perspective. We know the pace. The pressure. The milestones. The brainpower.

We also know that great science or technology alone doesn't make a great company. To turn an innovative concept into a business reality, you need leadership and commercial competence. We can help.

The Leadership Edge partners with human resource professionals and the executive team members of Life Science and Technology companies to increase the levels of leadership, management and teaming competence throughout their organizations.  As a result, companies build a healthy work environment comprised of highly capable people, that enables them to work quickly and efficiently to deliver on their corporate milestones, paving the way for long term success.

Unlike other learning and development companies who provide generic  programs that are used across many industries, The Leadership Edge has developed industry specific programs, products and services based on 23 years of industry knowledge using content that has a proven track record of success.  This enables us to provide either a standardized program, like our From The Laboratory to Leadership course, or to cost effectively and quickly provide customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Join over 3500 leaders, representing the industry’s top executives, managers and scientists, who have dramatically benefitted from their participation in a The Leadership Edge program, coaching or teambuilding experience.  You too, will be leveraging your company’s human capital, achieving scientific breakthroughs and creating an inspiring and productive work environment.

We help scientists and engineers become business leaders.

“The course is terrific, useful and relevant!” ~ George Stone, Director, Quality Engineering, Stratos Product Development LLC

Our programs and services, ranging from ready-made classes to custom solutions, include:

Gaylene Xanthopoulos, President of the Leadership Edge, describes the programs that are available to your staff through WBBA, which are designed to take your human capital to the next level!

 “Great experience, very entertaining and thinking-promoting class!” ~ Denka Markova, Project Manager/Biostatistician, Axio Research Corporation

For more information please contact:

Tiffany Rapp
Vice President, Operations
The Leadership Edge, Inc.
(858) 454-6540 ext. 200


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