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BioSurplus is a BIO Business Solution®.

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BioSurplus is a leading provider of pre-owned laboratory instruments and equipment and web-based equipment management services for the life science industry, to provide discounts, credits and rebates on BioSurplus services. BioSurplus is a leading provider of pre-owned laboratory instruments and web based equipment management services. If your company is in the market for high quality equipment at a reasonable price, BioSurplus offers an extensive inventory of pre-owned scientific equipment and instrumentation. Alternatively, if your company has surplus or underutilized equipment, BioSurplus can maximize its value and turn it into cash through either outright purchase or consignment. Using its state-of-the-art web based equipment management platform, e-Quip™, BioSurplus also provides a suite of equipment management services designed to maximize equipment value and control. Services include inventory management, valuation and assessment, internal redeployment, and corporate M&A equipment analysis and organization.

Member Benefits:

  • 5% - 7% annual purchase credit or 1% - 3.5% annual cash rebate, based on the net price of purchased equipment during the previous year
  • 5% seller premium on equipment sold to or through BioSurplus
  • 10% discount on the setup, inventory cataloguing and entry fees on the e-Quip™ inventory maintenance tracking software
  • 5% discount on equipment repair and maintenance services
  • 30-day limited warranty on most purchased equipment
  • Experienced customer service representatives offering knowledgeable and reliable service

For more information, including specific pricing, contact BioSurplus at 1.858.550.0800 or by email at bioinfo@biosurplus.com.

To view BioSurplus company information and inventory, go to www.biosurplus.com.

2/14/11: BioSurplus Selected to Liquidate Discovery Laboratory Equipment


VWR is a BIO Business Solution®.

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Reduce the overall cost of laboratory supplies and equipment through WBBA-BIO’s partnership with VWR International. VWR gives you access to low-cost distribution platform, pre-negotiated pricing and terms, value-added manufacturer programs (VWR Biomarket LifeSciences Program, Beckman Coulter, Becton Dickinson, Mallinckrodt Baker, Mediatech, and Nalge Nunc), more than 750,000 products, and dedicated sales reps and product specialists with expertise in the life sciences industry. VWR provides excellent value-added services for smaller facilities as well, through handling purchasing, receiving and bench-top delivery. Contact Silke von Saalfeld at 206.979.1636 or silke_vonsaalfeld@vwr.com to find out more. Orders can be placed by calling 800.932.5000 or online at vwr.com.


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