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MPI Research is a privately owned, Michigan-based company founded in 1995 with 1200 employees.  Specializing in small molecules, biopharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical devices, and veterinary products, MPI Research is the largest single-site preclinical CRO facility in the world – with more than 1 million square feet and nearly 600 animal rooms.
As a leading global provider, MPI Research delivers complete efficacy and safety testing, from discovery through regulatory filing for standard and specialized animal models in virtually all species with all types of test articles and devices.  The company has conducted thousands of drug safety, discovery, bioanalytical, and analytical studies.
MPI Research offers extensive support and resources including, but not limited to

  • A wide and diverse range of classes of compounds
  • All routes of administration (except inhalation)
  • Studies with numerous species and models
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities

Flexibility and ample capacity enables MPI Research to

  • Accommodate multiple requirements simultaneously
  • Adjust schedules readily
  • Produce results quickly

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