Clean Science Group

The goal of the WBBA Clean Science Group is to have a variety of representatives of the region's life science community dialoguing about solutions to minimize the impact of our scientific pursuits on the region. We also want to educate each other on the systems that are currently out there to reduce, reuse, and recycle, and the associated costs of such systems.

Biotech is an industry reliant on sterile, one-use products to ensure high quality research. This process generates a lot of waste. Is biotech doing everything it can to reduce waste, and increase recycling? Are we sacrificing the health of our planet for the health of people? Is there a way to create science that is clean and healthy for both the planet and for the people we are trying to heal? Are you interested in dialoguing about creating clean science? If so, then join the WBBA Clean Science Group on LinkedIn. We would like to have participation from various groups in the lab including facilities, operations, and lab managers. Together, we can help heal people, progress science and have a healthy place to live.

WBBA core and institution members are invited to join the Clean Science Group on LinkedIn. If you are an associate member and are interested in joining the Clean Science Group, please contact Blythe Price at or 206-456-9569.

Download the clean science poster: Lab Recycling Tips.


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